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Status and prospect of coal mine gas drainage and utilization technology in Xinjiang Coal Mining Area


WANG Gang,YANG Shuguang,ZHANG Shouping,LIU Xueliang

Author Unit:

1.CBM R&D Center on Xinjiang Coal Geological Bureau, Urumqi ,China; 2.Energy Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Aautonomous Rregion, Urumqi ,China; 3.Xinjiang Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., Urumqi , China

Key Words:

Xinjiang region; coal mine gas; extraction and utilization technology; three-dimensional development model
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Xinjiang is rich in coal and gas resources and is an important base for China's energy strategy reserve base and coal production westward shift.However,coal mine gas drainage and utilization is small in scale and low in technical level,which is extremely mismatched with its coal mining volume.Through the investigation and analysis of the progress of scientific research and industrial application in the field of gas extraction and utilization in coal mines,according to the difference in the utilization technology of different concentrations of gas,the gas concentration is more scientifically and accurately divided into five levels.The output gas in Xinjiang coal mining area is mainly ventilation air methane and ultra low-low concentration gas.The scientific utilization technology of ventilation air methane is regenerative oxidation power generation,and the drainage gas has a difference in gas concentration due to its geographical difference.The low concentration gas is suitable for gas-fired internal combustion engines in Kubai,Fukang,Aiweiergou areas.The ultra-low-low concentration gas in other mining areas is suitable as a mixed gas source of ventilation air methane for regenerative oxidative power generation.According to the analysis of gas occurrence and output characteristics of steep slope and Jurassic medium-low coal rank geological condi-tions in Xinjiang,this paper proposes a three-dimensional development model which is suitable for major coal mining areas in Xinjiang.The model applies shallow coal mining,deep gas production,and central coal gas development.Through 3D geological modeling,the method realizes the dynamic management of coal mining,gas production and drainage,and optimizes the timing of coal mining and gas production.This paper provides scientific reference such as technical direction and extraction mode for the comprehensive extraction and utilization of gas in Xinjiang coal mining area.

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June 15th,2022

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