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Study on removal of hydroquinone from coal chemical wastewater bycoupling ozone and hydrogen peroxide


LU Xi,MOU Weiteng,LIU Ning,LU Qingsong,YUE Peiheng

Author Unit:

1.Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering ,Nanjing Tech University,Nanjing ,China;2.NJTECH Environment TechnologyCompany Limited,Nanjing ,China;3.Datang (Beijing) Water Engineering Technology Company Limited,Beijing ,China

Key Words:

O3/H2O2;coal chemical wastewater;oxidation;hydroquinone
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In order to solve the difficult problem of polyphenol treatment in coal chemical wastewater, the hydroquinone was chosen as a characteristic pollutant, and the influencing factors of this catalytical oxidation degrading phenols, the degrading mechanism of O3 coupled H2O2 on the oxidative degradation of typical polyphenols-hydroquinone were studied, and the reaction parameters of the system were optimized, which provides theoretical basis and technical support for the high concentration of phenol-containing wastewater from coal-based natural gas.The results showed that the O3 dosing flow rate and the 30% H2O2 dosing concentration play an important role in the removal and mineralization of phenolic substances.At the condition of pH of 7.0, the O3 dosage is 210 mg/(L·min), the initial concentration of hydroquinone is 150 mg/L, the concentration of H2O2 is 0.15%, and the reaction temperature is 25.0 ℃,the experiment is carried out to remove hydroquinone.The rate can reach 100% and the TOC removal rate is 39%.The toxicity study further indicates that the oxidation reaction can reduce the acute toxicity of polyphenols from strong toxicity to poisoning, reduce the toxicity of wastewater, achieve the expected treatment target, and meet the requirements of entering the biological treatment system.
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May 15th,2022

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