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Study on borehole water diversion grouting sealing method for underground high pressure water inrush


REN Shengwen

Author Unit:

Shenhua Hangjin Energy Co., Ltd.,Ordos ,China

Key Words:

water inrush hole; high pressure water; water diversion grouting; sealing hole
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In order to thoroughly eliminate the danger of high-pressure water and water hazard in the freezing hole of the main shaft of Tarangaole Coal Mine, the downward inclined drainage holes that were connected with them were constructed beside the exposed high-pressure water inrush boreholes for drainage and pressure relief.Drainage pipes and first grouting pipes were installed in the drainage holes.The slag layer beneath the drainage holes was filled to block the high-pressure water inrush drilling holes, and the second grouting pipe was inserted therein.After the drainage pipe and slag were grouted and reinforced, the drainage pipe was used to plug the high-pressure water inrush borehole by boosting grouting.The research results show that the high pressure water inrush drilling hole converts the uncontrolled high pressure water inrush into a controllable drilling hole by adopting the pressure-relieving pressure-injection plugging method after drainage and pressure relief, which effectively reduces the workload and provides favorable construction conditions.This improves the effect of grouting plugging, thereby promoting the efficiency, sealing operability, sealing safety and reliability.At the same time, it also provides a feasible way to deal with the failure of borehole anti-burst measures.
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May 15th,2022

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