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Research on parameterized positioning technology for pick box of cutting head


ZHANG Mengqi,YAN Xianguo

Author Unit:

1.Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,Taiyuan ,China;2.Shanxi Institute of Energy,Yuci ,China

Key Words:

cutting head; pick box; robotic technology; positioning system; detection system
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In order to improve design efficiency, positioning accuracy and detection capability of cutting head of roadheader, a parameterized positioning system of cutting head consisting of design module, manufacturing module and detection module was proposed.The special software for parameterization design of cutting head is used to calculate the parameters of picking arrangement according to certain constraints.According to the working principle of the industrial robot and characteristics of pick box in space arrangement, a high-precision pick box positioning robot system was developed, and fast and accurate positioning of the pick box on the surface of cutting head was realized.A numerical detection method for positioning accuracy of pick boxes was proposed through pick box positioning robot system combined with non-contact binocular vision measurement technology.The production and application results of the design, manufacture and quantitative inspection for cutting head of the roadheader show that parametric positioning technology for pick box of cutting head can meet high-precision parametric manufacture of various types of cutting head products.
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June 15th,2022

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