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Research on key technology of remote visual control infully-mechanized heading face


GAO Xubin

Author Unit:

1.Taiyuan Institute Co.,Ltd., China Coal Technology and Engineering Group,Taiyuan ,China;2.Shanxi Tiandi Coal Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd.,Taiyuan ,China

Key Words:

fully-mechanized heading face; intelligentialize; remote visualization;cooperative control
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Based on the present status of the intelligent and informational level of fully-mechanized heading face, the remote visualization control of fully-mechanized heading face is proposed on the basis of the intelligent technology system of fully mechanized heading face.By analyzing the working requirements of comprehensive fully-mechanized heading face, the intelligent information technology support necessary for each stand-alone equipment and working face equipment is proposed.The six key technologies of collaborative control, intelligent cutting, intelligent anchor protection, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, fault diagnosis and prediction were described.The present status and technical feasibility of fully-mechanized equipment were analyzed in detail, and the technical route of remote visual control of fully-mechanized heading face was clarified.At the same time, it is proposed that in the aspects of auxiliary material transportation and environmental safety monitoring, it is necessary to carry out process innovation according to local conditions, and then realize the problem of intelligent system integration.At this stage, through the remote visual control technology system, the goal of reducing the efficiency of people, increasing safety, and precipitating production data is realized.
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June 15th,2022

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