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Development and application of full-section rock tunnelingboring machine in coal mine


YANG Shenghua,RUI Feng,JIANG Weiliang,ZHANG Shihong

Author Unit:

Shanghai Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group,Shanghai , China

Key Words:

rock roadway;full-section rock tunneling boring machine;scientific mining; sustainable development
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In order to solve the problem of rock roadway rapid excavation in coal mining, the full-section rock tunnel boring machine with high efficiency and intelligence should be manufactured and developed.The coal mine full-section rock tunneling boring machine (TBM) is a kind of equipment that integrates the functions of continuous cutting, support technology, automatic positioning, wireless remote control technology, rapid loading, and mechanical dust removal and others,to realize rapid rock roadway excavation integrating of excavation, support and transportation.It can not only improve the speed of coal mine construction, but also achieve high-yield,high-efficiency, high-intensity and safe production, and create conditions for scientific mining, green mining and sustainable development of coal mine.The domestic engineering and product application of TBM in Chinese coal mine in the 1980s and the development, application and trend of TBM in coal mine in the 21st century are introduced in detail.The pipe jacking machine is the application requirement the development of coal gas co-mining, the shaft boring machine is more and more important for the construction of deep wells in coal mines, the full section rectangular boring machine will play an important role in high-efficiency and high-speed coal mining, and the conveyor is the basis for high-speed excavation.It is also pointed out that localization, coal mineralization and specialization are the development directions of coal mine TBM.The productization, systemization, serialization, automation, intelligence and marketization are the development trend.The development of coal precision mining, chemical mining and new energy is the new target.The application requirements lay the foundation for digital coal mines and smart coal mines and the coal revolution, which is of great significance to the development of deep coal resources in China.
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June 15th,2022

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