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Research and application of life cycle service system of mining equipment



Author Unit:

Shanghai Co.,Ltd.,China Coal Technology and Engineering Group,Shanghai ,China

Key Words:

informatization of mining equipment manufacturing; open frame; intelligent control; resource integration
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According to address the issues such as slowly developed information technology, low degree of data integration and late feedback encountered in designselection, manufacture, safety in production, monitoring and tracing inthe mining equipment manufacturing industry,this study proposes a life cycleservice system of mining equipment.Based on WSRF,this system can encapsulate and store the relevant software and hardware resources over stagesfrom design to application of the distributed mining equipment,response quickly to the user needs utilizing the resource virtualization and dynamic building technology,and solve the problem of standardization of message passingusing XML documents.The system is set up and a test run has been completed in the real environment.The results show that this system can improve the resource sutilization effectively,realize the information sharing and the functional reorganization,and ensure the timely feedback on the problems encountered in the practical application.The system can be used to fix the defects found in the stages of design, test and manufacture of mining equipment,strengthen the safety supervision of the mining equipment, and thus lay the foundation for intelligent manufacturing and control of mining equipment.
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June 15th,2022

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