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Life-cycle information integration and working condition discriminational gorithm of mine equipment


YU Jiacheng,WANG Gang,LIU Weidong,NING Yongjie,JIANG Hanhan

Author Unit:

1.The National Joint Engineering Laboratory of Internet Applied Technology of Mines,Xuzhou ,China;2.School of Information and Control Engineering,China University of Ming and Technology,Xuzhou ,China; 3.Shandong Yanmei Blue Sky Clean Energy Co.,Ltd.,Zoucheng ,China

Key Words:

life-cycle of equipment; information integration; discrimination of working condition; IoT platform;Python language
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This paper proposes an information integration and condition recognition algorithm of mining equipment based on Mining Internet of Things(M-IoT)platform to solve the problem of data mining and integration in the life cycle.The basic data partition is completed by the hierarchical model structure,whose basis is logical device-logic node-class of data and data attributes.The whole life cycle data integration is accomplished by loose coupled way based on M-IoT.Finally,based on the anomaly detection algorithm,a “state based” device monitoring data discrimination algorithm is proposed to accomplish the condition discrimination of equipment.In the process of experiment,the information of equipment operation and maintenance phase is obtained from mine Internet of Things platform.The user interface is constructed by Python language,and the feasibility of the integration method is verified.Taking fan equipment as an example to verify the effectiveness of the algorithm.
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June 15th,2022

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