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Development status and key technolgy of visual mine


HE Yanpeng, HUANG Qingxiang, CAO Jian

Author Unit:

1.School of Energy,Xi’an University of Science and Technology,Xi’an ,China;2.Key Laboratory of Western Mine Exploitation and Hazard Prevention of the Ministry of Education,Xi’an University of Science and Technology,Xi’an ,China

Key Words:

visual coal mine; intelligent mining; simulation; big data; internet of things
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The construction of visual coal mine is an important part of the intelligent coal mine. Through summarizing the present development of the present visualization of the mine,the paper analyzed the mining simulation visualization several main problems of mine construction,and combined with some advanced technologies such as modern simulation, several intelligent monitoring, big data processing, Internet of Things and Internet + etc. Visualization of mine construction includes four aspects: data visualization, model visualization, scene visualization and immersion (CAVE) visualization. At the same time,the paper put forward a new mining research system based on the construction of visual mines for mining simulation, automation and information construction as the means, a new type of mining research system based on intelligent mining. The paper also designs the overall architecture of the system including device perception layer, network data processing layer, key technology application layer and collaborative management layer. And “a core (visual mine construction as the core), multi-class databases (the databases are the carrier of visualization), a standard platform (multiple information fusion) and a service target (implement collaborative management and decision making)” are proposed. The technical framework is based on the data processing and information presentation of two types and three kinds (document type and relational type; structured, semi-structured and unstructured),and realizes the 4A-type(Anyone,Anytime,Anywhere and Anydevice)multi-terminal associa-tion interactive platform. According to the practice of coal mine production, for such problems that the mining operation environment has specialty and complexity, uncertainty of safety hazards, diversity of production data and huge capacity, which the safe production of coal mines. Eight key application technologies for visual mine construction are proposed: three-dimensional simulation model, mine development and mining scheme design, mine wind volume and speed configuration, expert decision-making, dynamic processing, hazard identification and early warning, and establishment of digital integrated operation platform, in order to realize multi-information fusion and intelligent collaborative production of each production link, and promote safe and green mining of coal resources.
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June 15th,2022

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