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Research on electrical safety technology of coal mine robot


SUN Jiping

Author Unit:

China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing),Beijing ,China

Key Words:

robot for coal mine;electrical safety; explosion-proof; battery;charging; power
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The problems of power, battery explosion-proof and charging safety that coal mine robots must solve are studied, and solutions are proposed. It is proposed that by limiting the battery capacity and increasing protection against overcharging,overdischarging, overloading, overheating, etc., the maintenance-free lead-acid battery can be placed in an explosion-proof enclosure for using in an explosive environment in a coal mine. It is proposed that the coal mine robot battery should adopt the explosion-proof explosion-proof type. It is proposed to use a flame-proof type and explosion-proof type lithium ion battery, which should limit the battery capacity in the flameproof enclosure, and improve the explosion-proof and non-explosive performance of the flameproof enclosure according to the capacity of the lithium ion battery in the explosion-proof enclosure. It is proposed that it is difficult to build a mine dedicated charging chamber for the robot, and a robot charging compartment can be set; The charging cabin of coal mine robot should be made of steel and installed in the air inlet lane and the robot working area; Fire extinguishing equipment and methane sensor must be installed in the robot charging cabin. It is suggested that the explosion-proof charging device and the robot should be used for the wired charging of the coal mine robot battery; The independent explosion-proof chamber should be formed in the docking, charging and separating states; There is an independent safety locking mechanism in the docking, charging and separating states to ensure the charging. The charging interface of the robot and its charging device is not energized until the interface is not reliably connected and the charging explosion chamber is not formed.It is proposed that the underground charging of the coal mine robot battery will induce electromotive force on the surrounding metal objects, detonate the electric detonator, and the higher induced electromotive force will discharge, which will cause gas explosion and fire; single point low power,multi-point decentralized wireless charging, not only to assess the intrinsic safety and explosion-proof performance of a single charging point, but also to assess the power and energy superposition of adjacent multiple points; It is proposed that the larger power-oriented charging antenna should not be facing the fixed-position operator.
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June 15th,2022

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