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Study on cause analysis and prevention measures of fracturing incoalbed method well affected to adjacent wells


WANG Chengwang, JI Liang, CHE Yanqian, WANG Wei, XIONG Xianyue, GEN Hao, YANG Hongtao

Author Unit:

PetroChina Coalbed Methane Company Limited, Beijing , China

Key Words:

Hancheng Block; fracturing wave swept to adjacent wells; geostress; fracturing technology; fracturing fluid; net pressure
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In order to avoid the gas production declined of the adjacent wells caused by the fracturing reconstruction of the old coalbed methane well area and to avoid the influence to the development effect, the information of the geology, fracturing, drainage dynamic and others were applied to study the causes of the fracturing affected to the adjacent wells and the prevention and control measures. The study results showed the fault and the natural cracks, the roof and floor sealing covered capacity, the geostress size and direction as well as others would be the geological principal factor affected to the fracturing wave swept to the adjacent wells. The perforation mode, perforation position, fracturing scale, fracturing fluid, fracturing construction displacement, pressure control, net pressure and interlayer stress difference and others would be the engineering principal control factor affected to the fracturing wave swept to the adjacent wells. With the optimized geology to select the well and the strata, the optimized fracturing construction scale, the optimized perforation mode, the optimized fracturing fluid, the enhanced site construction management and other measures, the fracturing wave swept to the adjacent wells was effectively reduced and the technical success rate was 100%. The coalbed methane fracturing construction would have certain guide function to the block area and other block with the similar geological condition.
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May 15th,2022

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