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Pore size imaging detection technology integrated with transient electromagnetic in mine abandoned roadway


QIU Hao, LI Wen, ZHANG Yongchao

Author Unit:

1. Mine Safety Technology Branch, China Coal Research Institute, Beijing , China;2. State Key Lab of Coal Mining and Clean Utilization, Beijing , China;3. Beijing Mine Safety Engineering and Technology Research Center, Beijing , China

Key Words:

transient electromagnetic method; integrated pore size; volume effect; abandoned roadway
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According to the obvious volume effect, low longitudinal resolution and other problems existed in the conventional mine transient electromagnetic detection technology, based on the wave field transformation technology, in combination with measurement of the integrated pore size radar, the numerical simulation was conducted on the integrated pore size image with the mine transient electromagnetic data and a comparison was conducted on the conventional data processing method and the integrated pore size image data processing results. The study results showed that when the floor of the mine abandoned roadway was watery, the related coefficient of the wave filed curve at the measuring point of the relevant location section to the watery roadway was 0.4 ~ 0.8 and the relativity was stronger than other location section. The measuring section with a strong relativity of the wave field curve could be well to the exposed location of the watery abandoned roadway. The depth location of the watery abandoned roadway could be well fitted with the integrated pore size image results.
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May 15th,2022

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