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Research and application on big data integration analysis platform forintelligent mine safety production


MAO Shanjun,LIU Xiaokong ,LEI Xiaofeng,ZHAO Renle,ZHANG Ming ,CUI Xiguo

Author Unit:

1.School of Earth and Space Science, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China; 2.Shandong Energy LinyiMining Group Co.,Ltd.,Linyi 276017, China;3.China University of Mining and Technology, Xuzhou 221116, China

Key Words:

intelligent coal mine; one map; coal mine safety production; big data analysis platform; integrated management
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Intelligent mine requires real-time monitor and control, multi-system integration, massive data management, collaborative control and online decision making. A highly integrated big data analysis platform for mine decision support and collaborative control is provided. This paper explains the typical characteristics of big data in coal mine, presents the basic requirements of big data analysis integration platform for intelligent mining, elaborates the GIS “one map” collaboration management, the technology architecture of platform and data process workflow. The paper also designs the overall architecture of the system including device perception layer, data resource layer, platform service layer and big data analysis application layer, studies the technologies of data integration and knowledge integration, and develops a big data dynamic diagnosis system which include three parts: coal mine work safety evaluation and marking system, coal mine safety deducing and interpreting system, diagnosis task configuration and management system. Big data integration analysis platform for safety production has been applied in the demonstration mine of Shandong Energy Linyi Mining Group Co.,Ltd., Shandong Province. The platform has been running for more than one year. The application results show that the platform is stable, reliable and effective.
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June 15th,2022

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