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Research and development of visual auxiliary cutting system forcantilever roadheader


ZHANG Xuhui,ZHANG Chao,YANG Wenjuan,ZHAO Jianxun

Author Unit:

1.College of Mechanical Engineering,Xi’an University of Science and Technology,Xi’an ,China;2.Shaanxi Key Laboratoty of Mine Electromechanical Equipment Intelligenct Monitoring,Xi’an ,China

Key Words:

roadheader;visual measurement;visualization;trajectory planning;cutting guide
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In order to solve the problem that the roadheader driver’s vision is limited because of the heavy dust, resulting in low cutting efficiency and poor forming quality of the roadway in the tunneling process of underground coal mine. The paper presents a visual measurement method of cutting head position and pose, which can realize visual monitoring of roadway excavation process. The paper introduces the trajectory control method and the main function modules of the auxiliary cutting guidance system. After the operator inputs the parameters of the roadway and the roadheader, the system automatically generates the path of the cutting head, updates and displays the position of the excavator's fuselage and cutting head to remind the operator, according to the visual measurement results in real time. At the same time, carry on the pre-alarm to the superdigging and underdigging. The test results show that the roll angle and pitch angle are within 0.4° and the course angle is within 0.2° when the fuselage is at rest. The lifting angle of the cutting head is less than 0.3° and the rotation angle is less than 0.25° when the cutting head is still, the stability of the cutting head is good, and the system alarm function and the visual cutting function are verified,the effect is fine.
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June 15th,2022

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