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Design of advance support for deep fully-mechanized heading roadway and its support performance analysis


XUE Guanghui,GUAN Jian,CHENG Jijie,ZHANG Hao,JI Weiliang,JING Xinping,WU Miao

Author Unit:

School of Mechanical,Electrical & Information Engineering,China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing),Beijing ,China

Key Words:

fully-mechanized heading roadway;advance supporting unit;advance support;support design
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Aiming at the situation that environment of fully-mechanized heading faces is bad and the time ratios of excavating,supporting and anchoring are seriously out of balance,a new type of advance supporting unit is proposed,which has the characteristics of advanced support and multistage parallel operation.The structure and working principle of the support unit are introduced.The structure and mechanical model of the key equipment of the support unit are mainly discussed.Considering Qishan colliery geological conditions,the load of advance support was obtained through simulation with FLAC3D software based on surrounding rock - support mechanical coupling model,and then imported into the Ansys software to obtain the support of stress nephogram and displacement contours as a whole and the parts by calculation and to analyze the stress and strain of advance support.The simulation results show that the maximum displacement of the support is 8 mm,which is negligible compared with the overall size of the support.The maximum stress is 790 MPa,which is less than the yield strength of the material is 890 MPa.Therefore,the support can withstand the pressure of surrounding rock of Qishan Coal Mine.The weak parts are top beam,telescopic girder and side-guard board.In the subsequent engineering should attach importance to it.This method can realize the parallel operation of the excavating,supporting and anchoring,and the rapid excavation and safe production in the fully-mechanized heading faces.
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June 15th,2022

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