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Design and performance analysis of negative pressuredust control device of roadheader


ZHANG Qiang,HAN Dong, ZHANG Xu,TIAN Ying, WANG Chenqi,WANG Cong

Author Unit:

1.School of Mechanical Engineering,Liaoning Technical University,Fuxin ,China; 2.State Key Laboratory of Mineral Processing, Beijing ,China

Key Words:

negative pressure dust removal; roadheader;EDEM software simulation;dust control device
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In order to solve the problem of dust endangering people’s health, this paper puts forward a general scheme of negative pressure dust control device of roadheader built into gun head. The negative pressure part was designed and calculated in detail, and the required negative pressure is 2 786.76 Pa.The discrete element software EDEM was used to establish the cutting model of the dust-collecting cutting head and simulate the dust-collecting effect of three groups of different dust-collecting aperture schemes.The accumulative quality of coal dust and rock dust in the statistical area and the total dust production by cutting were calculated. The dust removal rate of the scheme was obtained by numerical calculation. The simulation results show that:the third scheme with aperture of 25 mm is the best one, which can reach 90%, and the aperture of 20 mm with the second scheme is 86% and the first scheme with aperture of 15 mm is 80%.Therefore, the optimum aperture of the negative pressure dust control device designed is 25 mm.The scheme of vacuum dedusting device can effectively adsorb the dust in the process of tunneling and provide a new method and theoretical guidance for the dust collection of the tunneling machine.
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June 15th,2022

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