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2011 Issue 11

Constant Flow Inclined Board Affected to Teetered Bed Separator Performance Effect


Key Words:

constant flow inclined broad;rising water velocity;possible deviation;reverse flow effect;teetered bed separator;
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A new teetered bed separator with constant flow inclined broad structure was research and developed and a new teetered bed separator system was est ablished.Great experiments were applied to discover the influence law of the different operation parameters and the constant flow broad structure parameters to the sep aration effect.The results showed that as the coal samples with the feeding particle of 2.80.3 mm, when the rising water velocity was 36.78, 45.25 and 53.27 mm/s indivi dually, with the channel width of the constant flow inclined broad reduced from 88 mm to 42 mm and to 19 mm, the possible error of the new teetered bed separator was reduced by 0.022, 0.064 and 0.125 g/cm3 individually.Thus with the constant flow inclined broad could improve the separation effect of the teetered bed separator.
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May 15th,2022

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