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2011 Issue 11

Research Progress on Upgrading Technology of Lignite


Key Words:

lignite;upgrading;drying and dewatering;briquette;pyrolysis;
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Due to the high water content, high ash content, low calorific value, easy weathering and spontaneous combustion shortages existed in the lignite, the pr ocessing and uillization of the lignite was restricted.In order to high efficiently utilize the rich lignite resources and to reduce the environment problems occurred from th e uilization of the lignite, according to the study on the lignite drying and dewatering, briqueting and pyrolysis upgrading at home and abroad, the paper stated the rese arch status of the lignite evaporation and non-evaporation dewatering technology, non-binder and binder briqueting upgrading technology and pyrolysis upgrading techn ology at home and abroad. Finally, the paper had a discussion on the research orientation of the lignite upgrading and processing technology in China.
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November 15th,2011

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