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2011 Issue 11

Borehole Drilling Operation Technology and Analysis on Formation of Base Rock Weathered and Broken Zone in Yangcun Mine


Key Words:

base rock weathered and broken zone;structure role;fault;grouting and water sealing;
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According to the complicated geological conditions in Yangcun Mine with about 100 m long weathered zone, strata crack development, serious broken, di fficult borehole completed and serious borehole falling, in order to explore the formation causes and structure features of the high weathered zone and to ensure the bo rehole successfully passing through the section of the strata and the grouting successfully completed for the water sealing, from the geological structure role and the fa ult analysis, an analysis was conducted on the weathered and broken zones in the DF30, DF33 and SF40 faults under the industrial park of Yangcun Mine.Meanwhile, i n combination with the problems occurred in the grouting borehole drilling operation of the surface pre-grouting engineering, the construction measures to pass through the weathered and broken zones were conducted to ensure the successful grouting operation.
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November 15th,2011

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