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2011 Issue 11

Application of Air Flow Short Circuit Method to Remote Rescue System of Conveyor Belt Fire Disaster


Key Words:

air flow short circuit;emergency rescue;electric control pneumatic automatic door;optical fiber looped network;remote control;automatic interlock;
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In order to effectively reduce the casualties degree of the conveyor belt fire disaster occurred in the mine, an experimental study was conducted in the W est Wing Mining Block of the Longdong Mine.A remote emergency rescue system of the conveyor belt fire disaster was designed based on the air flow short circuit meth od.The system had several electric control pneumatic automatic rescue doors individually set up in the mining block. According to the certain conditions of the fire disast er occurred in the underground mine, with the optical fiber looped network, the open and close of the remote control rescue door and the air flow direction flexibly chang ed, the poisoned smoke flow could be guided to the air return gateway.Meanwhile the disaster expansion to the coal mining face should be controlled in order to have th e target to control the disaster and rescue the miners.In the normal period, the rescue door would let the vehicles passing through and have the automatic interlock func tion.
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November 15th,2011

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