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2011 Issue 11

Research and Development of One Line Bus Monitoring and Measuring System for Deep Mine Shaft Ground Freezing


Key Words:

monitoring and measuring of ground freezing;one line bus;monitoring and measuring software;mine shaft;
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According to the difficultles of many measuring points and long distance in the monitoring and measuring of the deep mine shaft ground freezing, the pa per analyzed the monitoring and measuring contents and features of the freezing temperature field and provided a solution with a one line bus technology applied to est ablish a general freezing monitoring and measuring system.Thus, a DS18B20 was applied to monitor and measure the multi temperature points and as for the other sim ulation signals and I/O signals, the specific one line bus device was applied to convert the signals to the one line bus signals .According to the development of the one li ne bus monitoring and measuring system, the paper introduced the establishment of the integrated development environment for the one line bus based on the databas e as the key.The monitoring and measuring module of the one line bus was the key element of the ground freezing monitoring and measuring system.With the applicatio n of the high performance MCU, accurate electrical level comparison, enhanced driving and impedance matched, and other measures, the monitoring and measuring pe rformance points of the one line bus network could be reached to 60 points and the layout distance could be over 800 m, which could meet the requirements of the moni toring and measuring in the present deep mine shaft freezing.
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May 15th,2022

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