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2011 Issue 11

Analysis on Contact Fractional Factors Affected to Finite Element Results of Steel Rope


Key Words:

steel rope;contact fraction;numerical model;mechanics features;finite element method;
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In the mine actual operation, the actual load of the steel tope strands in the steel rope would be uncertain, but the actual working load would be critical to the safety of the work.With the theoretical analysis on the 6X7IWS same directional stranding steel rope, a model with the space structure and size fully fitted to the a ctual related established in the finite element software.After the related net divided, the related parameters were set up. The site comment performances were selected t o set up the related boundary conditions.A simulation calculation was conducted on the rope with all flexibility of one end rope restrained and the load made on other en d of the rope.In order to clarify the fractional forces affected to the calculation results, the calculations would be divided into two groups.One group was calculated with a condition of the fractional forces ignored.The comparison group was calculated with the condition of the fractional forces and according to the fractional factors measu red in the actual performances, the valuation calculation was made.With the simulation calculation and the analysis on the results, it was found that once the analysis C onducted with the fractional forces ignored, there would be big difference with the data obtained and the actual performances. Therefore the simplified calculation metho d with the fractional forces ignored should not be applied to the simulation calculation in the actual performances.
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June 15th,2022

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