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2011 Issue 11

Design on Self Advancing Conveyor Tail of High Loading and Supper Heavy Type Belt Conveyor


Key Words:

belt conveyor;self advancing conveyor tail;pushing mechanism;oller;drum;
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According to the poor suitability capacity, low intelligent, short service life and other problems of the self advancing tail part of the belt conveyor in the mi ne gateway, a new self advancing tail part of the high conveying and super heavy belt conveyor was researched and developed.The paper introduced the technical para meters, main structure features, key component research and tests of the 16PZY self advancing tail part of the conveyor.The paper stated the technical reconstruction 0 f the hydraulic control system, the advance pushing mechanism, the floated roller group, the returning drum of the conveyor tail and others.An underground industrial tri al on the self advancing conveyor tail was conducted in Xiegou Mine of Xishan Coal and Electric Power Jinxing Energy Company.The trial results showed that in compa rison with the previous belt conveyor self advancing tail, the self advancing tail would have the reliable performances and high suitability and could meet the conveying requirement of the fully mechanized coal mining face in the mine with an annual production of 10 million t.
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June 15th,2022

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