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2011 Issue 11

Framed Timber and Anchor Coupling Collective Support Technology for Fully Mechanized Top Coal Mining Face Crossing Over Gateway


Key Words:

crossing mining of fully mechanized top coal mining face;U type steel framed support;high stressed broken gateway;grouting backfill behind gateway sid ewall;framed timber and anchor coupling support;
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According to the I82 transportation rise in Luling Mine affected by the cross mining of the I927 fully mechanized top coal caving mining face above an d the broken features of the surrounding rock along the gateway, with the analysis on the stability lost mechanism of the surrounding rock along the gateway, the stabilit y lost cause of the U type steel support structure and the selection on the rational location of the structure compensation anchor were obtained.A frame support and anc hor coupling support technical plan was provided.The technology would be first to use the U type steel support to form a basic loading structure and then with the backfi II and grouting in the gateway wall, a primary coupling of the broken surrounding rock and U type steel support could be realized.Then based on the deformation feature s of the gateway surrounding rock and structure stability lost mode of the U type steel support, with the rational layout of the structure compensation anchor to realize t he structure compensation, the secondary coupling of the U type steel support and anchor was realized. Thus the active and passive coupling support was realized and the completed bearing capacity of the support and the structure stability of the support structure could be improved.During the completed cross mining period, the roof and floor convergence of the gateway was 475 mm in total and the convergence of the two side walls was 206 mm in total.
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