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2011 Issue 11

Practices on Fully Mechanized Coal Mining Equipment Matched and Mining in Thin Seam of Datong Mining Area


Key Words:

hard seam;hard roof;thin seam;equipment matched;
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In order to solve the fully mechanized coal mining problems in thin seam with a thickness below 1.2 m in Datong Mining Area, a special design and a equ ipment matched was conducted for "the three machines" and other equipment of the fully mechanized coal mining face. The power of the coal shearer and the working r esistances of the powered support were optimized.A MG170/388 mode coal shearer and the ZY4000/08/16 mode powered supports were selected for the coal mining fa ce.A side lifting pushing jack of the powered support was equipped for the armored face conveyor.An adjustable support base was applied to the head and tail parts of t he armored face conveyor.A hydraulic controlled blasting coal spilling device was designed for the powered support.A hydraulic walking system was equipped with the s tage loader.A hydraulic walking tail part was applied to the belt conveyor.A trial operation was conducted in No.78119 coal mining face of Jiangjiawan Mine, Datong Coa | Mine Group.The trial results showed that "the three machines" and other equipment matched were rational, the machinery automation degree was highly improved and the labor strength of the coal miners was highly reduced.A fully mechanized coal mining in the thin seam with a thickness below 1.2 m could be realized under the "two hard" conditions and the month coal production of the coal mining face was 38 000 t.
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June 15th,2022

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