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2011 Issue 10

Regional Prediction of Coal and Gas Outburst from Seam in Erdaoling Mining Area


Key Words:

seam structure;gas parameter;coal and gas outburst;regional prediction;Erdaoling Mining Area;
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According to actual conditions of Erdaoling Mining Area, with great data test and measured, the seam structure features as well as the initial speed of th e gas emission, the hardness coefficient of seam, the seam gas content, the gas adsorption constant, gas pressure and other gas parameters should be comprehensive ly considered.The single index method, the seam gas content method and the comprehensive index method were applied to the regional prediction of the coal and gas outburst for the main mining seam in each mine. The prediction results showed that the No.21 Top Seam in Douyagou Mine Shaft, the No.21 Top Seam and No.21 Seam in Hashatu Mine Shaft, the No.23 Seam in Beligou Mine Shaft and the No.23 Seam in Baxian Mine Shaft were predicted and the coal mining faces in those seams woul d be dangerous.The predicted results would provide certain reference values to increase the efficiency and aiming of the outburst prevention measures of each mine.
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May 15th,2022

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