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2011 Issue 10

Tectonic Coal Distribution Law and Control Factor of No.82 Seam in Renlou Minefield


Key Words:

Renlou Minefield;tectonic coal;geological structure;distribution law;
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In order to find out the distribution features of the structure coal in No.82 seam of Renlou Minefield and the factors affected to the structure seam distrib ution, the borehole logging curves and the exposed conditions of the mine shaft and roadway engineering were applied to identify and count the structure coal thickness of each borehole in No.82 seam and to draw the thickness equivalent line of the structure seam.Based on the circumstances, the distribution features of No.82 structure seam were analyzed.The analysis results showed that the structure coal within the minefield was generally developed, the structure coal in the south structure block of t he minefield was well developed and the structure coal was taken about 80% in the total percentage of the coal seam.In the middle of the structure block, the distributio n of the structure coal thickness was stable.Within the north structure block, with the influence of the thin seam thickness, the thickness of the structure coal seam was relevantly thin.The structure coal distribution in the minefield was influenced by the comprehensive factors of the fold structure, broken structure and ground stress.
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May 15th,2022

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