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2011 Issue 10

Analysis on Ground Subsidence Law of Strip Mining in Deep Mine


Key Words:

strip mining in deep mine;subsidence observation;subsidence curve;subsidence law;subsidence parameters;
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In order to master the ground subsidence law occurred from the coal mining in the deep mine, a regional observation station was established according t 0 the previous station parameters in the mining area.With the continued monitoring and measuring in the passed 4 years and the several ftting of the subsidence curve s and the horizontal movement curves, different movement and deformation parameters required for the probability integration were calculated.The analysis results sho wed that during the mining in the deep mine, the thickness of the base rock increased would influence the surface movement and deformation factors increased.The ma x influence scope in the high inclined orientation of the surface subsidence scope would be over 700 m and the relevant movement and deformation value of the basin b oundary would be smaller.The surface subsidence caused by the strip mining in underground would be gently and no large subsidence basin would be formed.The grou nd subsidence value caused by the full seam mining would be high and a subsidence area would be appeared at the surface ground.The boundary angle difference bet ween the full seam mining and the strip mining would not be high.In the same mining influence scope, the subsidence value of the strip mining would be small and the s urface subsidence basin would be gently.
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May 15th,2022

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