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2011 Issue 10

Features and Comparison on Longtan Group Seam in Anjiazhai Mine in Guizhou Province


Key Words:

seam features;comparison on seams;Longtan Group;Coal Forming Environment;
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In order to analyze the features of Longtan group seam in Anjazhai Mine, the key bed, logging curve and depositional cycle were applied to the compreh ensive comparison, the coal measures strata in Longtan group obviously controlled by the deposition environment were revealed, the exposures would be the different periodic retrograding sequence and multi seams were occurred.With the comparison, the general features of each seam were clear and the linkage was good.As for the key bed, the muddy limestone and the aluminum mudstone with stable thickness were selected as the key beds.At the section with non lithology key bed, the key bed C ould be selected according to the lithology combination and the particle variation.In the logging curve, the seams could be divided mainly according to the extent abnor mal, pattern abnormal and special pattern combination relationship of the logging curves.The comparison between the comprehensive lithology and the logging curves was applied to divide four main deposit cycles, analyze the features of each main deposit cycle and infer the coal-forming environment in the area.
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May 15th,2022

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