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2011 Issue 10

Study on Tectonic Analysis of Coal Controlled Structure Mode in Yunnan Province


Key Words:

coal controlled structure mode;structure coal controlled;coalfield structure;coal deposit law;
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In order to further study the structure coal controlled mechanism of the coal controlled structure mode, a new idea and method was provided for the struc ture resolution of the coal controlled mode. With the study on the geometric formation and formation mechanism of the typical structure in Yunnan Province, the coal con trolled structure mode in Yunnan Province was divided into four main categories with 19 types.According to the structure coal controlled and the resolution structure the ory, in combination with the geological section and the related information of the key mining areas in Yunnan Province, according to the procedure from the geometry to the kinematics to the dynamics analysis, the structure combination resolution was conducted and the structure coal controlled significance was analyzed.A comprehensi ve analysis was conducted on each coal controlled structure mode in Yunnan Province.The relationship between the structure resolution of the coal controlled structure mode and the structure coal controlled function was established.
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May 15th,2022

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