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2011 Issue 10

Design on ZZ2-8/100 Mode Drilling Loader of Mine Middle and Small Section Rock Roadway


Key Words:

drilling loader;mechanical structure;hydraulic system;excavation loading method;
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According to the present status of the vehicle cross passing difficulty in the driving of the mine middle and small section rock roadway, a ZZ2-8/100 mod e drilling loader was designed and manufactured.The drilling loader was organically combined with the mechanical structure and hydraulic system of the rock drilling ju mbo and the gathering loader and became a rapid driving equipment of the mine middle and small rock roadway.The drilling loader consisted with the gathering unit, drill unit, electric control system and hydraulic system, including the designs of the 11 components.With the excavation loading method, the hydraulic system of the drilling loader would have a preset pipeline of the rushing hammer.A design was made for the drill rod holder and automatic drawing device of the drill rod.The trial showed that the drilling loader could be applied to the operation in the 8 m2 rock roadway.The transportation capacity of the loader could be over 100 m3/h.
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June 15th,2022

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