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2011 Issue 10

Regional Prediction Technology of Surrounding Rock Stability Based on Sedimentary Analysis


Key Words:

surrounding rock stability;regional prediction;sedimentary environment;sandstone and mudstone ratio;
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In order to provide the analysis on the sedimentary formation causes to the regional prediction of surrounding rock stability region, from the identification and division of the sedimentary environment and the sediment features of the sedimentary rock, the sediment theory was applied to reveal the relationship between the surrounding rock stability and the sedimentary environment from the formation causes. With the standardization treatment conducted on the percentages of the sandsto ne and mudstone contents which could reflect the main lithofacies distribution and features and the formation cause and layout of the paleogeography, the ratio value C ould be divided into five sections.Taking Wanli Mining Area as an example, the analysis and calculation was conducted on the sedimentary environment and the surroun ding rock stability, the comparison figures on the stability of the surrounding rock area were drawn and the stability influence coefficient of each area was calculated.Th e grade I would be 1.00, grade II would be 0.81, grade II would be 0.74, grade IV would be 0.61 and grade V would be 0.58.Therefore, a set of the regional prediction p lan of the surrounding rock stability was provided based on the sedimentary analysis.
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June 15th,2022

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