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2011 Issue 02

Uilization Technology of Mine Water Resources in Daliuta Mine


Key Words:

Daliuta Mine;water protection coal mining;mine water;recycling uilization;green mining;
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The coal rejects in the goaf of Daliuta Mine, Shendong Mining Area were taken as the carrier of the mine water filtration and the polluted water purificatio n.The underground mine water could be directly pumped into the goaf for the purification.Then purified water could be applied to the coal production of the coal mining f ace in the underground mine, the production at the surface ground and the daily life utilization.An unique mine water comprehensive recycling utilization and water cons ervation mining technology was developed.A first gravity flow water supply system with a borehole a close distance to a seam in Shendong Mining Area and a goaf gravi ty flow and water drainage system was created.Thus the automation of the water supply and water drainage was realized.With the special water quality protection meas ures set up, the water quality index after the purification of the goaf could be all reached to the regulations GB 50383- -2006 The Code of Fire Extinguishing and Water Spraying in Underground Mine and GB/T 18920- 2002 The Urban Waste Water Regeneration and Uilization, Urban Miscellaneous Application Water Quality.With the re inforced sealing walls, the observation and measurement of the water level in the goaf, water discharging pipeline installation and a series of water inrush prevention sa fety measures, the hidden dangers caused by the large quantity ponding in the goaf of the mine could be eliminated.The development and utilization of the mine water r esource uilization technology in Daliuta Mine could meet the requirements of the green mining and would have obvious economic and environment benefits.
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May 15th,2022

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