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2011 Issue 02

Experiment Study on Waste Tyre Pyrolysis to Prepare Collector of Slime Floatation


Key Words:

floatation;ollctor;waste tyre;pyrolysis;oil yield rate;slime;
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The orthogonal test design method was applied to study the initial temperature, heat holding time and final temperature affected to oil yield rate of the W aste tyre pyrolysis.The variance analysis showed that the initial temperature and heat holding time would not have obvious influence to the oil yield rate of the pyrolysis and the final temperature of the pyrolysis would have obvious influence to the oil yield rate.When the initial temperature was 400。C, the heat holding time was 30 min a nd the final temperature was 700。C, the oil yield rate would be high and could be 45. 5%.The Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) analysis showed that the pyrolysis oil would be rich in aromatic hydrocarbon, olefin, hydrocarbon of methane series and polar material.A slime floatation experiment with the pyrolysis oil from th e waste tyre as the slime collector was conducted in Dongpang Coal Preparation Plant.When the collector dosage was 1 295 g/t and the GF oil dosage was 76 g/t, the a sh content of the clean coal would be 9.30%,the clean coal production rate would be 80.83%, the recovery rate of the combustible mass would be 91.34% and the perf ect index of the floatation would be 53.26%.The results showed that the pyrolysis oil from the waste tyre would have a high collection performance, would have certain bubble performance and could obviously reduce the frothering agent dosage.
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May 15th,2022

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