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2011 Issue 02

Study on Fragility of Mine Emergency Rescue System


Key Words:

coal mine;emergency rescue system;entropy;fragility;
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According to the present shortage of the weak link analysis method for the mine emergency rescue system in the coal mines, the fragility linking theory was applied to the mine emergency rescue system, to establish a mine emergency rescue fragility related analysis model, to divide the each subsystem of the mine em ergency rescue system and to provide the related fragility factors of the subsystem.Based on the circumstances, taking Sitai Mine of Datong Coal Mine Group Corporati on an example, the pairings were conducted on the mine emergency rescue subsystem and the fragility factor.The same entropy, the wave entropy and opposite entropy of the fragility was calculated for each subsystem. The hierarchy analysis method was applied to determine the weight of each entropy value and calculate the li nk entropy.It was found that the weak link of the mine would be the recovery subsystem after the emergency rescue completed.The results showed that the study on the fragility of the mine emergency rescue system could find out the weak link of the mine emergency rescue system.
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June 15th,2022

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