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2011 Issue 02

Study on Identified Method of Coal and Rock Interface Based on Image ldentification


Key Words:

identification of coal and rock interface;image identification;information integration;unmanned coal mining face;informatization;automation;
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The mining and excavation faces are the places of many mine accidents occurred often.The operation personnel numbers to be reduced in the mining an d excavation faces of the mine would be the requirements of the mine safety production and would be the requirements to reduce the labor intensity of the operation per sonnel and to improve the operation environment.The identification of the coal and rock interface would be one of the keys to have an unmanned coal mining.The paper had a study on the unmanned coal mining face and the coal and rock interface identified method and pointed out the problems existed in the present coal and rock inter face identified method.The paper provided the coal and rock interface identified method based on the visible light image and infrared image identification.The color, gre y scale, grain, shape and other image features should be extracted for the coal and rock interface identification.The paper provided the coal and rock interface identifie d method integrated with multi information based on the image identification.
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June 15th,2022

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