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2011 Issue 02

Gas Pressure Measuring Technology with Borehole Through Seams in Close Distance Seam Group


Key Words:

seam group;gas pressure;capsule sticky liquid plug;high pressurized grouting;borehole tube;pressure resistance test;
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According to the technical problems of the borehole gas pressure measurement through the seams under the conditions of the close distance seam grou p, the long casing pipe with the pressurized grouting technology could be applied to make the borehole drilling and the capsule sticky liquid plug could be applied to sea I and measure the borehole pressure. The paper introduced the certain technique process of the pressure measurement borehole construction and the borehole sealing operation steps.When the method applied to measure the gas pressure in E10 seam in TianDan No. 10 Mine of Pingdingshan Coal Mining Group, after six days0 observ ations, the pressure was stabilized at 2.6 MPa and the gas pressure of the E10 seam was rapidly and accurately measured.The site application conditions showed that t he technique method could effectively seal the cracks at the borehole sealing section of the pressure measured borehole through the seams and seal the water system of the aquifer, could prevent the seam section falling of the borehole and isolate the gas connection between the neighbour seams and the pressure measured seam.
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June 15th,2022

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