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2011 Issue 02

Study on Mine Pressure Bumping Prevention and Control of Slice Mining in Ultra Thick Steep Inclined Seam of Deep Mine


Key Words:

ultra thick seam;horizontal slicing;influence factors;mining and excavation alternative;mine pressure bumping;
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In order to prevent and control of the mine pressure bumping of the horizontal slice mining in the steep inclined and ultra thick seam in No. 1502 mining b lock in Yanbei Mine, the paper had an analysis and study on the influence factors of the mine pressure bumping occurred and the site measured data.The analysis and study showed that the mine pressure bumping occurred in the transportation gateway would mainly be affected by the mining and excavation alternative influences of th e mining faces in the top and low slice seam.When the top slice coal mining face was 801 50 m advanced of the low slice gateway driving face, the influence of the mine pressure bumping would be more obvious. Except for the mining and excavation alternative inferences, the air returning gateway would be also affected by the geologic al structure stress and at 100- -150 m in front of the seam angle varied, the influence of the mine pressure bumping would be obvious. The drilling cuttings method, the electromagnetic radiation method, the micro seismic method and acoustic emission method were applied to predict and pre-warn the mine pressure bumping.The roof C ut blasting and the seam blasting were applied to release the pressure of the roof and seam.After above measures conducted, the number of the mine pressure bumpin g occurred from the gateway driving face was reduced by 44.4%,the number of the mine pressure bumping occurred from the coal mining face was reduced by 66.6% a nd thus the safety production of the coal mining faces with the strong mine pressure bumping in potential in Yanbei Mine could be ensured.
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June 15th,2022

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