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Ground fracturing pre-control technology for potential mine seismic risk of thick and hard roof
Research on multi-field fiber optic neural sensing and safety guarantee system constructing for mining overburden deformation
Hydraulic fracturing characteristics of laminated shale and its enlightenment to fracture pressure
Study on mechanism and response of fracture and movement of the far-field high-position hard-and-hick stratum
Evolution mechanism of shale microfracture apparent permeability considering dynamic slippage
Evolutionary characteristics of sandstone pore-fracture structure under the action of high and low temperature cyclic impact
Research on directional drilling technology for superimposed “three zones” passing through goaf
Evaluating method of gas content of coalbed methane based on nuclear magnetic resonance technology
Study on lithologic effect of mining-induced failure mechanism of coal seam floor
Research on collaborative optimization of cutting and conveying of separated auger drill
Research on rigid-discrete coupling effect of scraper conveyor under different working conditions
Study on matching optimization of screening efficiency and screen surface wear of flip screen
Deformation information extraction of similar material model based on image intelligent processing
Effects of land reclamation on soil microbial community structure and function in the Huang-Huai plain mining area
Automatic measurement method of drilling-cuttings of boreholes in the coal seam and test study
Study on the time effect of shear strength of alfalfa-loess composite
Experimental study on bipolar membrane electrodialysis of high-salt mine water concentrate
Study on two-stage treatment of fluoride in coking concentrated brine with CaCl2+defluorination agent
Research on pressure relief technology of deep and shallow hole combined blasting under retaining small coal pillar in double roadway excavation
Failure mechanism and its control of surrounding rock for gob-side entry driving with narrow coal pillar in the working face with goaf on both sides
Experimental study on performance of waste autoclaved blocks and coal gangue in coal mine goaf ground grouting improvement
Study on division of mining area under influence of production capacity increasing of open-pit coal mine
Mechanical properties and acoustic emission evolution of coal-rock combination under unidirectional unloading condition
Influence and mechanism of printing materials on the mechanical properties of sand powder 3D printed weak rock-like materials
Experimental study on hole collapse characterization of gas drainage holes in this coal seam based on fiber bragg grating